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connect is an innovative Internet platform for our partner firms. With connect, you can save time and money, as it facilitates administrative tasks free of cost for you as a member. Video

Advantages of connect:

connect is constantly expanded and currently offers the following services:
  • Registration and deregistration of employees
  • Registration and deregistration for family allowances
  • Registration for income compensation and maternity allowances
  • Wage reporting with online registration of wages
  • or transfer of payroll data as an ELM file directly from your payroll accounting system ( ALPS online reporting of postings and pursuit of activity in two or more states
  • Adjustment of principles for payments on account
  • Reporting of changes (e.g. employment situation, marital status, address, nationality, etc.)
  • Processing and completion of the assigned tasks
  • Direct retrieval and printing of messages (documents)

How to access connect?

  • Signing in with current multistage login details:
    As a current user of PartnerWeb 2.0 with multistage login (text message or OTP), you are not required to do anything and can sign using your familiar login data: Login connect.
  • First-time access to connect
    You are already a member and want to access connect? If so, request your registration code: Order a registration code.

    You will become a new member of our compensation office. New members will automatically receive a registration code included in the letter confirming their membership of our compensation office. Please make sure you keep this correspondence.
As a trustee, you may use connect to support several clients and switch directly between your clients immediately after signing in. Ask your clients to authorise the compensation office to create the appropriate login details.

Do you have questions or require support?
Please send an email to or call us on: +41 (0)61 285 22 22.

connect (portal for businesses)
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