New forms for maternity and paternity allowances

By the 1st of July 2022 the official forms of request of the Information Centre OASI/DI für maternity and paternity allowances have been altered to «automaticized form processing» (sending the data online and with separate delivery of signatures per post). Instead of one, now, two separate forms have to be filled in according tot he new procedure:

  • Information of the mother or father or the mother's wife are being filled in by the person doing the request
  • The data with the information by the employer follow in a separate form
Since the new procedure does not only have advantages, we offer you the possibility of working like before with an online PDF-form which you can send us per e-mail, post or connect. Below forms you will find both variants/types.

Concrete procedures with the new forms:
Employees (mothers, fathers or mother's wifes) fill in the form 318.750 or 318.747 and send it to the employers compensation found (in charge). As soon as the employee has sent the form they will get an ID-number per e-mail. This ID-number is communicated by the employee to the employer. The employers fill in the form 318.751 (318.752 in unemployed mothers) or 318.748 (318.749 in unemployed persons). To start with, they have to insert the ID-number which they will have received by the employee. Thanks to this ID-number the forms can be united at the compensation found in charge. Independants have to fill in just one single form 318.750 or 318.747. For each online form there has to be a delivery of a signed sheet.

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