Federal Council lifts requirements to quarantine and to work from home

02.02.2022 - The requirements to work from home and to quarantine after contact with an infected person will be lifted from Thursday, 3 February.

The requirement to work from home where possible is to be downgraded to a recommendation. Employers will still be required to take steps to protect their employees from infection in the workplace. Working from home remains an effective measure. The requirement to wear masks in the workplace remains.

For the first time since pandemic began, the requirement to quarantine following contact with someone who is infected is to be lifted entirely. The Federal Council shortened the duration of contact quarantine on 12 January and limited it to people living in the same household. Due to the very high infection figures, the usefulness of contact quarantine has diminished. Following this decision, the provisions on corona-related loss of earnings due to contact quarantine will be removed from the COVID-19 Loss of Earnings Ordinance.

Persons who have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 will still be required to isolate. This is to prevent people who are highly infectious from infecting others.

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