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Our mission statement

  1. We act in the interests of our customers.
  2. We keep developing constantly, are innovative, adapt to changing conditions and are also open to unconventional  solutions.
  3. We are aware that our members and insured persons cannot be taken for granted and we look after them.
  4. We create an atmosphere of trust and respect, both internally across all hierarchical levels, and with regard  to our customers and partners.
  5. We identify our risks and actively manage them.
  6. We stand out as an attractive employer, for existing and new employees alike, by supporting our staff and providing  modern working conditions.
  7. We work in a solution-orientated way and as a team.
  8. We are proud to work for the compensation office.
  9. We are characterised by a high standard of quality.
  10. We act in a sustainable manner.

Viaduktstr. 42
4002 Basle
Telephone 061 285 22 22
E-mail info@ak40.ch
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