Allowance for paternity leave

From the 1st of January 2021 two weeks of paternity leave are allowed for fathers at the birth of their child. The allowance is 80 percent of your gross salary subject to AHV contributions before birth or maximally 220 CHF per day.

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Entitlement to paternity allowance
The following conditions entitle for paternity allowance:
  • In the last 9 month before the child was born you were insured according to the AHV-law and employed for at least 5 months during that time.
  • You are regarded as employee or independent on the day of birth.
How can I take the leave days ?
You can take the leave days all together, week-wise or as single days. They can be taken within a 6 months delay from birth.
Application for paternity allowance
The request by your employer can be done only after having taken the 14-day-long paternity leave or the latest 6 months after your child's birth. The compensation office in charge is the one of the employer by whom you have taken the last day of your paternity leave.

If you are independent you can make the request directly to your compensation office. If you are both employee and independent, make the request to the compensation office to which you pay contributions for your independent occupation.

Application form
Adoption Allowance
Employed persons who take in a child under the age of four for adoption are entitled to two weeks of adoption leave. In return, they receive income compensation. If both parents are gainfully employed, they can freely divide the two weeks' leave between them. There is no entitlement to benefits in the case of a stepchild adoption.

Applications for adoption compensation must be submitted to the Federal Compensation Office.
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