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Criteria for being self-employed

The social security laws applicable to employed persons stipulate that a distinction must be made between employed and self-employed persons. As an office which implements legislation, the compensation office must put self-employed persons in one of the two categories, i.e. determine their status under social security law.

Persons deemed to be self-employed must

  • work under their own name and on their own account
  • be in an independent position and bear their own financial risk
Whether a person is self-employed within the meaning of OASI legislation is checked according to the individual circumstances and in terms of the remuneration for the work in question. The decisive factors in this respect are the economic conditions and not the contractual ones.


Questionnaire to determine the status under social security legislation of employed persons
(form in German)

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Leaflet 2.02 - Self-employed contributions to Old Age and Survivors' Insurance (OASI), Disability Insurance (DI) and Income Compensation Insurance (IC) 

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