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Early retirement

Early retirement - what should I do?

People who retire early are deemed to be non-employed under OASI legislation. In order to ensure that no contribution gaps occur and that a full pension can be paid later on, people who retire early must pay OASI, DI and EO contributions as non-working persons. To pay your contributions as a non-working person, contact the OASI office of your most recent employer or if your spouse already receives a pension from another one, contact that office using the following form :

Application for non-working people
Leaflet 2.03 - Non-employed contributions

Bringing forward the pension

Leaflet 3.04 - Flexible retirement age

The pension can be brought forward by 1 or 2 years, but it will be reduced accordingly. The obligation to pay contributions will continue even if the pension is brought forward.

Obligation to pay contributions in case of early retirement

The obligation for non-working persons to pay contributions ends when women turn 64 and when men turn 65. Your own contributions will lapse if your spouse is deemed to be employed (minimum 50%) within the meaning of OASI and pays contributions amounting to at least double the minimum contribution (CHF 1028).

A comparative calculation is performed for persons who are employed for fewer than 9 months a year or who work less than 50% of the normal full-time workload. If the contributions resulting of the earned income amount to less than 50% of the contributions owed from non-employment, the person will be deemed to be non-employed and accordingly pays the contributions as a non-working person. The contributions from earned income can be offset.

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