OASI - Old-age and survivor's insurance (AHV)

The OASI (Old-age and Survivors' Insurance) is intended to cover the basic living costs in old age or in case of death. As a public insurance scheme, the OASI is compulsory for everyone.

Your individual account
Basis for calculating the pension

The compensation offices manage an individual account (IK) for every person liable to pay contributions. After the end of the contribution year, the annual income of the individual employees is recorded there. The personal account serves as a basis for calculating the pension later on.

Extract of the individual account

The AHV number (OASI number), which you require for making the application, is listed on your OASI certificate as well as on your health insurance card.

Ordering an extract of the individual account

The account statement will be sent to your postal address after about three weeks. It is not possible to send it by email for security reasons.

Explanatory video «Individual account statement »

OASI contributions
All insured persons pay contributions.

All those who are insured with OASI are obliged to pay contributions, with the exception of children and individuals who have reached the official retirement age and have no earned income.

Married persons without any earned income are also obliged to pay contributions. However, their contribution is deemed to have been paid if their employed spouse pays at least double the minimum OASI contribution on his or her income.

The contributions of employees are deducted from every salary payment by the employer and transferred to the compensation office together with the employer's contribution.

The non-working persons' contributions are calculated based on the replacement income and assets.
OASI benefits
The OASI pays pensions, disablement allowances and other benefits.

The Old-age and Survivors' Insurance pensions as well as the disablement allowances account for most of the OASI benefits.
Projected pension
How much will my pension be?

If you want to know approximately how much you can expect your old-age pension to be, you can use our online calculator to perform an online pension estimate.

You may also request a free projected pension calculation from us. However, this is only sensible a few years before receipt of the pension, because your circumstances could still change significantly if the calculation is made too early.


Request for a projected/provisional pension calculation

More details:

Leaflet 3.06 - Pension forecasts
Your insurance certificate

The insurance certificate makes administrative dealings with the compensation offices or implementing bodies easier.

In case of a change in job, the certificate must be submitted to the new employer so that he or she can register with the relevant compensation office. However, the certificate must no longer be submitted to the office by the employer. It is sufficient to transmit the data (preferably online via our portal connect).

Where do I order a new OASI certificate?

Employees who have changed their name (e.g. due to marriage or divorce) or have lost their OASI certificate can order a new certificate via their employer who requests it from his or her compensation office.

Correction of errors

Errors (such as incorrect spelling of the name, wrong date of birth or gender) can only be corrected by staff of the competent federal data register. Request correction of your personal details by using the form below and send it to the Residents' Registration Office for your place of residence:

Application for correction of personal details in an official federal data register (form in German).
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