Supplementary benefits

The supplementary OASI and DI benefits help people whose pensions and other income do not cover the minimum living expenses. They are a legal entitlement and not a form of social service or social welfare.

How high is your entitlement to supplementary benefits?

The online calculator provides information (in German).

Who is entitled to supplementary benefits?

  • Supplementary benefits are paid to
  • Persons entitled to an OASI or DI pension
  • Persons entitled to a DI dailycash benefit, which is paid for at least 6 months
  • Persons entitled to an OASI or DI disablement allowance
  • Persons who do not receive an OASI or DI pension because they haven't met the minimum contribution duration requirements.
  • Only persons who live and normally reside in Switzerland are entitled.


For information and to register, you can contact the cantonal offices for supplementary benefits.

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